Our Story


Before Farm to Treat, there was just the love I had for my two dogs, Corbin and Nigel. Like all of you pet-parents, I wanted the very best for my boys - lots of sunshine, plenty of exercise, and the healthiest diet I could off-fur them! Small farm owners across Baldwin County soon knew me by name because I was sourcing most of my dogs' food directly from their fresh fields. My passion for feeding my dogs a healthy diet grew into a research-centered fascination for all canine nutrition. 


I began studying a more holistic approach to canine wellness and discovered dogs need a balance of:

proteins, vitamins, and minerals.


As I continued educating myself, I started chasing creative ways to incorporate what I was learning into the boys' daily routine. My goal has always been nutritious, simple-ingredient treats. From there, the first "Burger & Fries" was created. Bon a-pet-treat! After a year of feeding Corbin and Nigel a balanced, homemade diet (in addition to their natural and nourishing treats), I began making treats and meal-toppers for my friends' dogs. 

In April 2020, the pandemic slowed my regular work schedule, leaving me with extra time but less income. The same people who I had been giving dog treats to started offering to buy them from me instead. Alas, the business was born! After only ONE month, my first Farm to Treat bag of treats hit a local shop shelf. Six months later, Farm to Treat is paws-itively proud to be partnered with 5 local farms, and you can find our products in several shops and markets all over the Southeast. . With such a rapid growth of support thus far, I am eager to see what the next 6 months will bring and am thrilled to share this journey with all of our new fur-ends!


Discover more about the local Baldwin County farms we source our ingredients from.

Check out our PAWsome reviews:


"My boys absolutely LOVE every treat we purchase from Farm to Treat! I love how knowledgeable Anna is about the products she sells and I love even more how healthy and beneficial each treat is for my fur babies. I recommend her to everyone I talk to."

"I have a working Search and Rescue" K9 named Dixie. She is a 130 lb bloodhound. I was wanting something to help her joints after the long searches we go on plus something to help her relax on the drives home. I tried the bone broth and CBD blueberry treats. Dixie loved both. It genuinely seemed to help her in the car. She also seemed to recover quicker after this last search. Great products you can tell made with love. Highly recommend."

"I highly recommend checking her out if you want some good treats and recipes for your dog!!! Thank You So Much, Anna!"

"I have 3 dogs and they LOVE these treats! Like happy grins for hours after!"