There’s all-natural treats, organic treats, gluten free and small batch treats in stores everywhere. Dog food and treats are marketed for a healthier dog and ads project our diet fads onto our pets (Keto, vegan, gluten free). In and among the mass of options, I had a hard time finding the nutrition in any of it. Actually, after digging a little deeper I found many cringe-worthy facts about the source and quality of ingredients that are traditionally used.

There’s a lot of grey area in pet foods but it’s most overlooked when the brand is “all natural”. As consumers we want to assume the front of the bag tells us what we need to know. A pretty cut of meat, some leafy greens, and a happy dog mean
health + wellness, right?? Many times the back labels are not considered or just ignored.

My beginning goal for Farm to Treat was to offer dog treats with ingredients sourced from small Baldwin County farms. I’m a big proponent of quality cuts of meat, ethical sourcing, and local support. Buying from our Baldwin County farmers in the process just made sense!

Farm to Treat is about serving your dogs nutrition you can see, with products that make sense, and are grown in our community! As Farm to Treat has grown it’s also transformed into something bigger and greater. My goals still include offering high quality treats, but also paw + skincare products, meal enhancers, as well as offering full-service meal prep and planning Earning the Canine Herbalist + Dietician certification was just the start. I will continue learning, educating, and researching.

“All Natural” doesn’t mean healthy and “healthy” doesn’t have to be a headache. I want to help bridge the gap between unbalanced dog food and holistic canine wellness