Bone Broth Tonics

Bone Broth Tonics

  • "Stay Golden" turmeric + phytoplankton + dandelion
  • "Daily Dose" organic nettles + phytoplankton + echinacea
  • "Gut Feeling" organic licorice root + marshmallow root + burdock root


Bone broth is packed with essential and non-essential amino acids (these rebuild muscle and tissue while also detoxing the liver!) Essential amino acids can’t be made by the body so dogs depend on diet to fulfill those requirements.


Bone broth offers glycine (liver health + collagen), proline (cell formation + tissue regeneration), and glutamine (energy + immunity)

When bones are steeped, the minerals are pulled out of the marrow.


Marrow is made of quality fats, collagen, calcium, zinc, sodium, and copper. Marrow also carries adiponectin; a hormone support that breaks down glucose and protects against insulin resistance/diabetes. Bone broth also breaks down fat and long term use can decrease the risk of cardio disease. Bone broth also has high amounts of chondroitin (blocks enzymes that break down cartilage)


Lastly, bone broth can aid in a healthier gut! The gelatin from the broth fills the holes that are spread across the lining of the digestive system, making food pass through more easily and eventually digest more efficiently.


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  • Storage and Shelf Life

    Bone Broth Tonics should be refrigerated. 

    Bone Broth Tonics can be kept for 5 months in the fridge.

  • Feeding Instructions

    Bone Broth Toncs are our most versatile snack to feed your dog! Here are some of our favorite ways:

    1. Warm on the stove for 5 minutes. Fill your dogs bowl and feed as an early morning snack! Bone Broth is wonderful to break their fasting from the night. 
    2. Pour over kibble. We always recommend floating your dogs kibble with Bone Broth Tonics. 
    3. Fill ice cube trays and feed as a cool treat in the warmer seasons!